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The THR!VE Pastors Cohort is designed to serve senior pastors in Chicago by providing the resources they can use to help their urban ministries grow and prosper.

Pastors will be assigned to one of three peer groups:

  • Pastors who are 0-3 years in their position
  • Pastors who are 3-7 years in their position
  • Pastors who are 7-10+ in their position

Pastors will make an eight-month commitment to participate in the cohort. Pastors are expected to attend all five cohort sessions, meet every other month for a breakfast huddle with their peers, honor all required work and reading on the syllabus, and prepare a 12- to 24-month action plan for their current congregation. Those who complete the commitment will receive a certificate of completion from Northern Seminary/Grow Center and North Park Theological Seminary.

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Pastors make a one-time investment of only $200, thanks to the generosity of donors who value your church leadership and who understand the importance of healthy managed ministries. The total value of the cohort program exceeds $1,500 for each participating pastor, which means that over $1,300 per person is being underwritten by our partners.

NoteNo additional scholarships are available.

Only the senior pastors, instructors, and staff for the THR!VE Pastors Cohort will be in the room during each cohort session.

The THR!VE Pastors Cohort leadership team and partnering organizations will honor all local, state, and national Centers for Disease Control safety guidelines throughout the duration of your cohort experience. If any guidelines should change that impact the program schedule, we will contact, you immediately. 


To build community, it is our desire that participating pastors will gather with their peers for a breakfast huddle based on their location. The huddle will be scheduled to occur every 4th Friday when the cohort is not in session from the hours of 7:30-8:30 AM or 8:30-9:30 AM depending upon the preference of the group.

The THR!VE Pastors Cohort certificate has great value to you as a Senior Pastor. First, you are receiving a certificate from credible, accredited, and recognized seminaries in the State of Illinois. Second, if you are interested in additional continuing education, your participation in the cohort has potential transferable credited value at our partnering institution. Above all, your completion of the five-month program will equip you and your church to THRIVE!

Please complete the Thrive Pastors Cohort application by May 12, 2021